Private Parts

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Betty Thomas


Howard Stern as Howard Stern

Robin Quivers as Robin Quivers

Mary McCormack as Alison Stern

Fred Norris as Fred Norris

Paul Giamatti as Kenny ‘Pig Vomit’ Rushton

Gary Dell’Abate as Gary Dell’Abate

Jackie Martling as Jackie Martling

Carol Alt as Gloria

Richard Portnow as Ben Stern

Kelly Bishop as Ray Stern

Henry Goodman as Moti

Jonathan Hadary as Griff

Paul Hecht as Ross Buckingham

Allison Janney as Dee Dee

Michael Murphy as Roger Erlick

James Murtaugh as Payton

Melanie Good as Brittany Fairchild


Len Blum (screenplay)

Michael Kalesniko (screenplay)


The life and career of shock-jock superstar Howard Stern is recounted from his humble beginnings to his view from the top. Possessing a desire to be an on-air personality since childhood, Stern meanders through the radio world, always with his supportive wife, Alison, by his side. Landing a gig in Washington, D.C., Stern meets Robin Quivers, who will become his long-time partner in crime. When the two move to New York, they face the wrath of NBC executives.


Biography, Comedy


March 7, 1997


1hr 49min


R, for strong language, nudity and crude sexual humor

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